System 1000 Bench-top PCB cleaning machine

Open loop Aqueous cleaning system for defluxing soldered PCBs only (mains water for washing, rinsing and drain access required)

A bench mounted aqueous cleaning and drying machine for assembled printed circuit boards, also cleans solder paste from mis-printed boards.

Standard cleaning cycles can be stored for instant recall, a cleanliness report is printed out at the end of the cycle.

Efficient removal of rosin and no clean fluxes, water soluble fluxes paste and general contamination.


Machine enquiry

  • Please note that we can only deal with enquiries for equipment installed for use within the UK.



  • Deionised Water Rise Option is standard  for all Blundell machines. The NE ion exchanger operates on a mixed bed, anionic and cationic resin mix system and provides high-purity, fully deionised water in seconds. By an optimal water distribution and guidance technology, the capacity of the high performance exchanger resin is efficiently used. In this way these units achieve a water quality of better that 8μ,S/cm.
  • Specially developed eco-friendly saponifiers are used together with activators where necessary.
  • Max PCB size up to 390 x 260mm
  • Basket dimensions: 390 x 380mm.
  • The high-purity water has a neutral pH and is free from all dissolved salts as well as silica and carbon dioxide.
  • Microprocessor based system

Designed to clean:

  • PCB s,
  • Small Stencils
  • Occasional Misprints
  • Rosin Flux
  • Low Solids Fulx


  • Capacity:- 48 Eurocard sized boards
  • Cleaning Period:- approx 40 minutes
  • Drying Period:- approx 45 minutes
  • Circuit board size with basket:- 340 x 260mm