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2nd User Equipment

Blundell are one of the very few electronic equipment suppliers in the UK that still has a manufacturing facility.

This is being extended now to encompass refurbishment of any machine that is in our portfolio. Such machines will be fully supported by our 10 man service team and will normally carry a minimum six month warranty.

We are able to support any machines purchased from us from the following manufactures:


Blundell Wave soldering machines

i-Pulse placement

IBL vapour phase

Ersa selective, wave and reflow soldering

TWS placement, reflow and screen print

Fritsch placement, automatic, semi automatic and manual

Boss vacuum sealing


Currently in our workshop:-

1 x i-Pulse M4e placement system with a good range of feeders

1 x Fritsch PA510 automatic pick & place machine with a range of feeders

1 x IBL VAC645 in-line vacuum vapour phase machine

1 x Purex 1500 large fume extraction system

1 x ExtraEye AOI/First article inspection system

2 x ETS-250 Wave solder machines – spray and foam flux versions

1 x TWS 1300 four zone reflow oven with RT03 profiler ……………….>>>

1 x Series 2 Cropmatic – component cropping machine

1 x Series 1 Cropmatic – component cropping machine

If you are looking to buy or sell, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.