• Defluxing – removing soldering residues after reflow
  • Cleaning contamination from handling and board manufacturing, removing FOD
  • High density electronic assemblies with low standoff components like BGA, CSP, BTC, QFN, MELF, small chips
  • Cleaning of power electronics
  • Electronic assemblies requiring extra short process time
  • Second side misprints on complex assemblies
  • Cleaning before conformal coating and wire bonding
  • High volume stencil cleaning


Machine enquiry

  • Please note that we can only deal with enquiries for equipment installed for use within the UK.


Unique Features

  • Fully automatic spray-in-air closed loop zero drain system
  • Double capacity configuration TWINGO
  • Linear direct spray for equal washing of entire surface
  • Compatible with wide range of chemistry from various suppliers
  • 100% filtration of entire spray volume
  • Optional triple rinse
  • Hot air knife direct dry technology
  • Double flow exhaust fan or exhaust flap – system controlled
  • Illuminated glass door chamber for visual process control
  • All process steps with up to 5 substeps for highest flexibility
  • Wide range of standard and customized PCBA fixtures
  • Clamping for all types of stencils
  • Anti-collision sensor
  • Up to 3 fully separated liquid loops
  • Low consumption of chemicals and water
  • Proportional level sensors in all processes
  • Outstanding options of water utilization

Control Features

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface with Windows OS
  • Adaptive rinse water quality control
  • Dosing of up to 2 additives
  • AAD Automatic adaptive dosing with concentration sensor ZESTRON® EYE or KYZEN ANALYST™, integrated in machine OS
  • Complete datalogging, LAN connectivity
  • Bar code traceability
  • Personalised password security
  • Multi language selection

Capacity and Size Options

  • Single – single frame
  • Twingo – double frame
  • Modification between options in 10 minutes


Filtration Options

  • First rinse filtration fully separated from second rinse filtration
  • Integrated 16l chemical filters
  • External carts with up to 39l of mixbed and 39l active carbon
  • Cascade filtration regularly refills fresh DI water from external source to second rinse tank
  • External source regularly refills fresh DI water into first rinse tank


Clamping Options

  • Wide range of standard fixtures and adaptors for any types of PCBAs and stencils
  • Customization is available for any clamping fixtures
  • Framed stencils fit right into the machine chamber



Versions by Application

  • SuperSWASH II Wash + Rinse + Dry stencils, squeegees, misprints, PumpPrintTM stencils
  • SuperSWASH III Wash + Rinse I + Rinse II + Dry PCBA after soldering, PCBA before coating
  • SuperSWASH IV Wash + Rinse I + Rinse II + Rinse III + Dry power electronics, prior to wire bonding