placeALL® 610XL

The placeALL®610XL offers the largest assembly table in the placeALL® series. Its dimensions of up to 1020 x 690 mm also enable the largest projects to be equipped. In addition to the pure surface for printed circuit boards, it offers plenty of space for numerous trays. Up to 346 different feed positions can be provided. The available depth also allows the integration of an inline system in the front area of the machine, as well as parallel feed units from the side. Even inline, there are still 262 feed positions and space for several trays. Customized product receptacles or vacuum tables for large, flexible circuit carriers can be integrated.


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SMD fully automatic Pick & Place system with one Pick & Place head with lasercentering for 0201 chips up to 22 x 22 mm (alt. up to 32 x 32 mm) pitch 0,6 mm

placement speed up to 6000 (4600 / IPC9850) cp/h max. 176 slots – 346 feeder positions for reel 8 mm

max. placement area: 1020 x 770 mm

board table: 920 x 690 mm

placement area adaptably configureable

Range of applications

Pick & Place and dispensing of small series up to medium lot sizes

Feeding units

Feeding of components as tape, stick, tape-strip, tray and loose components

Integration of customized feeders is possible


  • standalone or inline
  • max. 2 Pick & Place heads
  • max. 2 dispensing heads
  • RCL component test up to 0201
  • vacuum table for flexible circuits