placeALL® 620L

Fritsch PlaceALL 620L SMT Placement

The placeALL®620L is built modular and has a larger placement area than the placeALL®620. The wide range of handled components from 0201 chips up to FP parts with 0.3 mm pitch and BGAs allows the flexible assembly of even complex projects.
With 284 feeder positions and intelligent software, changeover times can be reduced to a minimum.
Additionally, the whole placement area can be used to assemble large circuit boards (up to 910 × 430 mm).


Machine enquiry

  • Please note that we can only deal with enquiries for equipment installed for use within the UK.


Laser centering

The patented CyberOptics laser centering uses a laser diode to project a beam onto the component. By rotating the part and analyzing the resulting shadow length, the component is aligned.

The centering mechanism is mounted directly to the assembly head and aligns the components when the head is moving from the pickup to the placement step.

The laser centering can handle components from 1005 chips up to 22 x 22 mm in size and 0.4 mm in pitch.


Optical centering

To align components like FP / BGA / CSP / µBGA or custom parts up to 45 × 45 mm and a pitch of 0.3 mm, the stationary camera system is used.

It measures each pin or outside edge and calculates the corresponding correction factor.


Vision system 2

With this system components up to 50 × 50 mm including pins (FP) and balls of BGAs can be measured using a camera picture. The software additionally checks, if the pins are straight respectively the balls are existent. These measures result in a higher output and a lower error rate.

the Vision system 2 can be integrated directly into the placeALL® 610L or be upgraded on location at any time.

Automatic fiducial recognition

This extension recognizes the fiducials on a circuit board by itself. This is especially useful for inline systems. The position correction is done using a dot, cross, rhomb etc. on the circuit board.

While assembling multi-boards, single circuit boards – which are marked by the producer – can be excluded.

Upgrading to a double assembly head

According to the slogan “grow over time” the placeALL® 600 (L) can be upgraded with a second assembly head. Thus the assembly output can be increased up to 10.500 Cph. Compared to investing in a second machine the additional costs are just a fraction.

Teach In

If no CAD data is available to create a new assembly project, each position can be taught  manually.

Therefore the component is displayed and aligned virtually. After reaching the right placing position on the monitor, it is approved and automatically added to the assembly project.

CAD data converter

With the universal CAD data converter, you can import data from all common CAD programs in a few simple steps.

To ensure a high machine load on the Pick&Placer, the corresponding data files can be prepared using our offline software version on a separate workstation.

Inline – system

A classic production line can be built using our inline transport system. This includes chaining of reflow ovens, automatic Pick&Placers and transfer units like loaders. Controlling works acording to the SMEMA-Standard.

The inline transport system can be installed at any time on location.



Dispensing of solder paste or glue can be done with two different systems:

• Time-pressure system

For dispensing big solder paste dots or glue

• Microprocessor-controlled system 

This system detects parameters like cartridge temperature, fill level etc. . It can dispense amounts from 0.001 to 10 mm³. By this Fine-Pitch components down to a pitch of 0.5 mm can be safely dispensed, the ideal solution for prototypes.