Twins Station with heated tweezers and i-Tool

Twins Station with heated tweezers and i-Tool

i-CON2 offers all the value-added features of the revolutionary i-CON in a double iron digital station with multiple soldering and or de-soldering tools for maximum flexibility.

Just a sample of tips are shown on the panel on the lft

0.1mm pencil to 20mm chisel are available for the      i-Tool and from mini-melf to large quad devices for the Tweezers

Click here to see complete range of  i-Tool tips

Click here to see complete range of tweezer tips

PDF:-  i-Tool Standard tips   PDF:-  i-Tool Special tips


Part Code:- IC2000-AC

Three versions of this new double station are offered standard and differ only in the tool packs. Combining in all cases the 150Watt i-Tool with either another -i-Tool, X-Tool de-soldering or Heated Tweezers.  See also IC2000AIT & IC2000AXT

The Chip Tool offers a wide range of SMT desoldering tips for safe and fast removal of the smallest chips (0201, 0402, etc.) up to medium size PlCCs. 1IC2000AC  i-CON2 soldering station, complete, with i-Tool soldering iron 100CDJ, tip 102CDLF16, holder A50 and dry sponge with container A08MSET as well as with Chip Tool de-soldering pincette 450Mdj, tips 422Md and holder A43

Technical Data

  • Power rating (Watt) 150 Supply (Volt) 230
  • Secondary voltage (Volt) 24
  • Temperature range (in °C) 150 – 450
  • Preheating time (in seconds) 9
  • Vast Rage of long life Soldering Tips
  • Digital display
  • Temperature setting
  • Calibration

  • Power setting
  • Stand-by
  • Sleep
  • Tip Off-set
  • Alarm settings
  • Weight (g) 3,690
  • Plug-in Replacement heating element (order-no.): 10102J


 Other Twin Station Options

  • Any IC2000 station can plug in the i-tool and any one of the following:-
    •  Heated Tweezers for dual in line and quad devices
    • X-Tool through-hole de-solderer
  • 2 x i-Tool (150watt each) Part Code: IC2000AIT
  • i-Tool and Chip Tool for SMD removal (2 x 20watt) Part Code: IC2000AC
  • i-Tool and X-Tool for Through Hole De-soldering. Part Code: IC2000AXT