IR-PL-RPC650A Rework Centre

IR-PL-650A Rework Centre

High-performance, universal IR Rework System with semiautomatic component placement.

This rework centre combines all the advantages of the popular IR/PL550 in a larger size for reworking bigger PCB assemblies.

While still a modular system the 650 has many more elements to extend its flexibility beyond that of other comparable systems. Individually controlled segmented top and bottom heater; programmable pick and place; Auto control of dip process to name but a few.

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For smaller system:- IR/PL/RPC550A

For the very latest Hybrid system see:- HR550

PDF Catalogue:-Rework & Inspection


A Modular Concept for Maximum Flexibility

IR650-PL650 Placement systemThe PL650A is the second generation precision placement system designed for the largest range of components (from 1 x 1 mm to 60 x 60 mm in size), more automation, and greater repeatability.A high-resolution camera with motor zoom permits highly precise alignment of component connections to lands with up to 300x enlargement.

The excellent image quality is supported by a high-contrast, separately controlled 2 color LED lighting system from four sides.


IR650-Heating ZonesThe IR650A Module is an intelligent closed loop rework centre with multiple thermocouple inputs including a non-contact IR sensor offer ultimate control over the selective reflow process.

Multiple sectioned individually controlled heating sectors allow for precise uniform profiling.

IR650 RPC CameraThe RPC module allows for real time viewing at high magnification of solder-melt and true reflow and uses a new high-power (up to 300x enlargement) motor zoom camera, a controllable LED ring lighting system, and an extremely robust, movable stand. The reflow process can be visualised from multiple angles on even the smallest of components and due to it s very small iris can view between gaps as small as 5mm to see components leads or ball behind.

The Auto Pick & Place mode guarantees repeatable and precise (+/- 0.010 mm accuracy) results.

The IRSoft 3.0 is the Control and Documentation software for the IR/PL 650. This user-friendly software takes into consideration both the interface simplicity required by a less skilled operator, as well as the advanced profiling and documentation wishes of a highly trained user. This professional database incorporated software offers a high level of flexibility and operator customisation capability.

Main Features

  • DynamicIR & Multi True Closed Loop temperature control reflow process
  • 5 channel temperature recording:
  • 1 IntelligentIRS temperature sensor
  • ,Laser pointer for component ID
  • Motorized reflow head with auto component lift-off
  • 9 programmable heating zones with 4,600 Watt
  • Integrated axial top & laminar bottom cooling fans
  • Integrated RPC camera & movable stand
  • Component handling vacuum pen
  • Integrated workplace lighting
  • Integrated digital soldering station with iron
  • System remote control with PC software IRSoft 3.0 via USB interface
Safety is a key component with the IR650 system and there are no issues that cannot be resolved, successfully every time with no possibility of damage due to overheating.

IR/PL/RPC650 Taking the guesswork out of rework

Double Drop Video using RPC500A