IR-PL-RPC 550A Rework Station

IR-PL-RPC 550A Rework Station

This third generation update greatly increases the existing performance of the current unit by offering the same technological innovations and is one of the best selling and most widely used rework systems in the world and offers the best cost/performance ratio.

This system is designed for small to medium size PCBs and has proven itself to be the “Workhorse” in our rework product line.

The IR/PL 550 is a unit which offers the greatest flexibility for operators to best interact with their system in order to handle the most complex SMT and THT rework applications.

PDF:- Rework & Inspection

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For a large rework system:- IR/PL/RPC650A

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The 550A rework centre has four distinct operational modules:

 1.  IR 550A Selective Reflow Module:

IR550A Rework platform – Would require x-y support table if bought on its own

The IR 550 is the “Best Seller” in the ERSA rework line with thousands systems sold. This module uses DynamicIR  Heating Technology for fully automatic dynamic control of the top (800 W / 60 mm x 60 mm) and bottom (800 W / 135 mm  x 260 mm) IR heaters. Depending on board size, thermal mass of the substrate, and component size, the Dynamic-IR  heaters (total of 1,600 W) guarantee that the required heat energy is delivered at the precise time and location in order to ensure that the component exactly follows the prescribed temperature profile. Combined with the enhanced capability to run a flat peak, this revolutionary technology affords the lowest temperature deltas across the component, and greatly reduces PCB warpage.

IR 550 Module Features:

  • DynamicIR & Closed Loop selective reflow process2 channel temperature recording: 1 IRS sensor, 1 AccuTC thermocouples (K-type)
  • Laser pointer for component ID & PCB positioning
  • Manual reflow head with auto component lift-off
  • Integrated axial top cooling fan
  • Integrated digital soldering station with soldering iron
  • Remote control via mouse or PC using IRSoft

2.  PL 550 Precision Placement Module

PL550A showing the RPC camera as well

 The PL 550 is a proven precision placement system designed for the largest range of
components and offers reflow process viewing. A pressure triggered component placement head drops off the component at the same contact pressure (1.5 N) as an in-line Pick & Place machine. This Auto Component drop-off guarantees safe and precise results. A high-resolution placement camera with motor zoom permits highly precise alignment of component connections to lands with up to 72 x enlargement. The excellent image quality is supported by a high-contrast, separately controlled 2 colour LED lighting system from two sides.

PL 550 Module Features:

  • 2 each High-quality PAL CCD cameras
  • 18 x optical + 4 x digital zoom
  • Manual component handling (from 1 x 1 mm to 40 x 40 mm in size)
  • “Auto Component Drop-Off” at 1.5 N (up to +/- 0.010 mm accuracy)
  • 40 x 40 mm beam split optic for large QFPs
  • Motorized zoom and focus; one push auto focus
  • Two side red / white LED illumination

3.  RPC 550 Reflow Process Camera

BGA View from RPC prior to reflow

The RPC 550 Module is attached to the IR 550 module and uses a high-power (up to 72 x enlargement) motor zoom camera, a controllable LED ring lighting system, and an movable arm in order to visualize the rework process real time. The reflow process can be viewed from various angles and high magnification on even the smallest of components.

RPC 550 Module Features

  •  CCD camera with 18 x optical and 4 x digital zoom

    BGA View from RPC after reflow
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • LED ring light
  • One Push Auto Focus and white balance
  • Programmable camera presets
  • Multiple angle, movable & fixable arm
  • Remote control via mouse or PC using IRSoft
  • Live Video Window

4.  IRSoft User Friendly Rework Software designed by Users

The IRSoft is a universal, system control, process documentation and process visualization software platform designed for use with all ERSA rework systems, from the smallest to the largest. In this manner, ERSA ensures operators an easy move between systems with hardly any learning curve required. Probably the greatest advantage of the IRSoft rework software platform is that is was literally co-designed by our customers in the field. Today, with 10 years of rework experience and over 5,000 systems installed, we have continually added features and functions which were demanded by the market and have provided free updates to the existing user base.

The various functional modules contained in the ERSA rework systems can all be run with the IRSoft 4.
The various modules of the ERSA rework systems can all be run with the IRSoft 4

Fast and simple profiling, user level defined steps with access recognition & authorization and finally now the APR Automatic Process Repetition are all testimony to the continual advancement of this user oriented software platform. The various functional modules contained in the ERSA rework systems can all be run with the IRSoft. In addition to the control of the reflow module with profile setting and temperature monitoring, the software runs the RPC and component placement modules. The explorer based, rework library databank can be customized by customer, application and or rework system. The latest IRSoft offers new and clearly structured user administration options.

A customized Log-In for beginner and advanced operators automatically opens only that rework system and those control options authorized for that specific individual. Additionally, the actual operating condition of all systems on-line is visualized in real time. All process steps are automatically recorded for process repeatability, documentation & traceability purposes. This universal software concept ensures that operators can easily operate the different ERSA systems without additional training requirements.

 ERSA IRSoft Features:

  •  Control software for IR/PL 650, IR 550 and HR 100 (with IRHP 100)
  • Easy to use interface with Online Help function
  • Visualization of all rework process data with up to
  • 5 channel temperature recording
  • Live process video window for both the PL 650, PL 550 and all RPC modules
  • Customized user admin rights and library for application & customer based profiles
  • Complete Process Documentation and Analysis
  • Operating systems – Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • All systems communicate over an ultra fast USB 2.0 cable included

IR/PL/RPC550A Taking the guesswork out of rework

Double Drop Video using RPC500A