HR-100HP Hybrid Rework Station

HR-100HP Compact Hybrid Rework System with base heat

With HR100/HP you cannot only set air volume and heating power levels, but you can also run & record profiles.

ERSA’s ergonomically designed Hybrid Tool handle contains a positioning laser which helps the operator to focus the heat precisely throughout the entire process.

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For basic hand held system see also:- HR100A    For higher level rework see:- IR/PL/RPC550A

For the base heater as an hotplate only see also:- IRHP100A

PDF:- Rework & Inspection


The HR100 fulfils all needs of a modern Rework System providing highest flexibility at the lowest cost possible.

Utilises Ersa’s renowned IRSoft closed loop software for precise  profile control.

The HR100 has been designed to be used with the HP100 to provide excellent base heater control at 800 Watt . This complete set provides powerful and safe IR bottom side heating as well as a Z-axis tool stand for the Hybrid Tool and an X-Y PCB board holder.

The K-Type thermocouple included monitors PCB temperature and even allows for a closed loop soldering process with ramp profiles.

HR Module Features:

  • Hybrid tool holder with Z-axis height adjust & lock
  • X-Y PCB board holder (290 mm x 250 mm)
  • 800 W IR-heating plate with glass cover: 125 mm x 125 mm high performance IR heating element
  • Closed Loop Profiles with ERSA IRSoft Rework
  • Documentation software; User Level Access