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Menisco ST88

MENISCO ST88 : Solderability tester, wetting balance machine

Solderability of all kind of components from 0201 chip devices to PCBs and all surface metallisation.


Two modules for all type of solderability tests.

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 ST88 Solderabilty Tester


  • Sensor LVDT: Linearity 0,1%
  • All axes are motor controlled
  • Immersion depth: From 0,01 to 40 mm
  • Immersion speed: 1 to 50 mm/s
  • Withdrawing speed: 1 to 50 mm/s
  • Temperature range: from RT, up to 450°C
  • Weight: Around 50 kg (without modules)
  • Power: 110v or 220v – 500W – 60 or 50 Hz

Solder bath module: 

  • Solderability of all kind of components (from 0201)
  • PCBs and all surface metallisation
  • Flux efficiency• Solder alloy quality
  • Dip and Look tests

Globule module: 

  • 4 globules (1 mm – 2 mm – 3,2 mm – 4 mm)   on the same X/Y motorized table
  • Solderability of all kind of components (from 0201)
  • PCBs and all surface metallisation• Flux efficiency

Multimedia system sharing in the same software:

  • Curves expressed in force, force/perimeter or wetting angle
  • Statistics analysis, average, sigma
  • Easy export of all data with the Windows® clipboard

Inert gas chamber (< 100 ppm 02): 

  •    Possibility to make measurements under N2 (with solder bath an solder globule)

Solder paste modules:

  • Wetting test and evaluation of solder paste for electronic chips in the temperature profile similar to that used for reflow
  • Soldering

Image capture:

  • Video system offering the possibility to record the video of the tests
  • Compatible with XP & Vista
  • Software version in English, Chinese, German and French