HR100A Hybrid Infra-red/ Hot-air hand held rework

Safe Hand-Held Infra-red/hot-air Rework

Stand option now available

The patented HR 100 ERSA Hybrid Rework system introduces the revolutionary Hybrid heating technology which combines infrared as well as convection heating in one hand tool for the soldering and de-soldering of densely packed SMT components.

See also full Hybrid system with base heater and closed loop software:- HR100A-HP

PDF Catalogue:-Rework & Inspection


HR100A Hot-air Infra-red Hybrid rework station

By means of IR radiation augmented by a gentle flow of hot air, the Hybrid Tool delivers homogeneous heat to components sizing from 0201’s to 20 x 20 mm SMDs.

Can utilise Ersa’s renowned IRSoft closed loop software for precise  profile control.

Module Features

  • Hybrid Tool with 200 Watt heating element; positioning laser in the Hybrid Tool handle
  • Three exchangeable Hybrid Adaptors (6 x 6 mm, 10 x 10 mm and 20 x 20 mm)
  • Low Noise Rework Blower (below 40db)
  • Integrated vacuum pump & VacPen; tool holder and K-Typ TC input socket; USB interface; LEDdisplay;
  • 2 Channel Temp. Recording: TC & IRS; AccuTC and Flexpoint TC holder

HR100 Video