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HR-600 Automated Rework Centre

Ersa’s newly developed HR 600 hybrid rework center brings together 15 years of rework know-how and redefines this technology according to the requirements of modern micro assembly rework and repair.

Capable of automated rework on any of the following:

BGA; µBGA; QFN; QFP; – Surafce mount or through hole connectors – Package-on-Package – On Flexi-circuit; Aluminium backed or traditional FR4

PDF:- HR-600 Data Sheet

See also IR/PL/RPC550A Rework Centre and IR/PL/RPC650A Large Rework Centre

PDF:- Rework & Inspection

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Ersa’s new HR 600 Rework system

Unifies all essential process steps in one system and offers all options: from manual operation up to automatic soldering, de-soldering and placement requiring only little action from the operator.

The HR 600 is equipped with a highly dynamic and efficient heating technology with the bottom-side heating (2,400 W) being divided into three independent heating zones.

The newly developed hybrid top-side emitter provides 800 W of heating power and combines the advantages of infrared heating with those of a convection heater.

In order to thermally control the rework process the HR 600 uses the proven closed-loop technology.

The component temperature is measured and can be controlled exactly.

What is new is that the non-contact temperature measurement is even more precise due to a digital infrared sensor (pyrometer).

Component recognition and docking station for Dip & Print

Component recognition and docking station for Dip & Print

Visual process control and dip & print processes for solder paste or flux application are further available options.

At the same time the HR 600 is a new platform that can be adapted in a modular fashion making the system truly future proof for all electronic reworking requirements.Despite the multitude of functions and options provided the HR 600 remains a very compact system with a footprint of about 85 x 60 cm offering an attractive price-performance ratio.

The HR-600 is automatic, flexible and process reliable!

  • Highly efficient 800 W hybrid heating head
  • Homogeneous, large-area IR bottom heating with 3 heating zones (800 W each)
  • Automatic and precise component alignment with the help of machine vision
  • Highly accurate, motor-driven axis system
    for component placement (+/- 0.025 mm)
  • User independent, reproducible repair results guaranteed
  • Process control and documentation via the operator software HRSoft
  • Fully automatic or semiautomatic operation
  • Suitable for the use of the Dip&Print Station