Yamaha Ysi V

High-End Hybrid Automated Optical Inspection System.

The YSi V Yamaha AOI system is available with both 2D & optional 3D capability, with either 5-MP camera or as a high-end type with a 12-MP camera.

The 4V vision system enables angular inspection from four directions (45°, 135°, 225°, 315°). The Ysi V utilises 5 different inspection methods – Laser, Shape, Colour, Infrared & Brightness, providing flexible and reliable imaging and inspection results.

The 3D imaging option reliably detects floating components that a 2D inspection system can miss. Detection is also improved where colour tones between board and components are similar or when there is interference between silk-screen and pattern. YSi-V 3D inspection can also detect the slope gradient and direction, and make pass/fail contour judgement.


Machine enquiry

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  • 12 Megapixel High Resolution Camera
  • High Speed Image Processing Technology
  • New 3D Inspection Function
    • Checks height and tilt simultaneously
    • 4-Direction Angled Camera (Optional)
  • Employs exclusive image capture technology
  • New Full-HD LCD Touch Paneli-pulse-yam-2
  • Programming Navigation