A single shuttle system and workpiece carrier forms the basis of the separation process.


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SAR800 for milling of routed tab PCBs

The operator manually places the multi-panel on the shuttle axis’ workpiece carrier. After closing the sliding cover, the shuttle axis moves into the milling position. A camera system located on the milling head (optional), determines the position of the multi-panel in the workpiece carrier and transfers the misalignment to the milling axis system and a corresponding position correction takes place. Multi-panel or PBC codes (bar code or data matrix code) are identified and verified by an optional automatic scanner. Then, with the corresponding milling program, the multi-panel is separated by the milling system and the shuttle axis.

After the cutting process, the work piece carrier is moved back into its loading position by the shuttle axis. In this position, the workpiece carrier is manually unloaded and reloaded by the operator once the slide cover has been opened.

Once the workpiece carrier has been reloaded, a new cycle can start. Dust produced during the milling process is extracted by means of a suction system mounted on the milling head. The dust extraction system is installed externally behind or beside the machine.