FRITSCH – Complete and Flexible SMT prototyping & Placement solutions

Fritsch are a German manufacturer of SMT assembly, printing, dispensing and reflowing machines. We at Blundell Production Equipment are their sole UK Distributor and they have recently revamped and expanded their product range. Fritsch were founded in the early 1980’s when surface mount technology was just beginning. They started by offering a range of manually assisted SMT placement machines, and they still produce these today, although they have since then developed into sophisticated prototyping and low volume placement machines.

The LM900, 901 and 902 are basic systems for modular build of prototype SMT boards. The MP904 is the higher end SMT assembly station suitable for fine pitch work, BGA and QFN placement and includes camera vision.

Higher up the Fritsch range is the PA510 Place-All automatic pick and place system which has up to 200 feeder locations and options such as dispenser and in line capability. It has a larger sister, the PA610 for bigger boards.

To sum up, the Fritsch range has been very well developed over many years for low to medium volume assembly and has a reputation for rugged reliability. For more information contact Paul or Neil Blundell on 02476 210270 or email