MP904 Placement with split vision alignment (BGA)

The universal assembly station MP 904 combines the easy and flexible operation of a manipulator with the high standards of exact placing of Fine-Pitch components.

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Without Split vision alignment, see:- SM902

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MP904 Placement System with BGA alignment

The universal assembly station MP904 combines the easy and flexible operation of a manipulator with the high standards of exact placing of Fine-Pitch components.

The smooth-running guide of the mounting head helps to place the SMDs accurately. When the pipette comes into contact with the components, the vacuum automatically switches itself on and when placing them, it switches off.

The specialised vision system allows the optimal placement of BGA and QFN components. The range of assembly elements starts by Chip 0201 and ends at Fine-Pitch and BGA.Chip 0201

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To assemble prototypes and short run projects more quickly, a dispenser can be mounted to the assembly head. It can be used to dispense solder paste or glue on the circuit board.

Fine Pitch and BGA placement

The solid construction of the Handling Head insures highly precise placement of BGA and Fine Pitch Components. The specialised vision system allows two pictures to be viewed simultaneously. The PBC and the underside of the BGA can be observed. With the help of a Fine-Setting-table and micrometer screws both exposures can be adjusted exactly congruent. An easy and accurate placement of the components is assured.

Micrometer screws

The micrometer screws at the side of the FP 904 allow a precise alignment of the component on the circuit board, in combination with the X / Y – table.


With a camera attached to the assembly head, you can view the whole Pick&Place process – magnified on a monitor.
Thus even the smallest parts like 0201 and 0402 can be placed exactly. Another benefit of the camera is the possible documentation of the process by saving single picture frames to the hard disk of an attached PC.

 X/Y – Magnetic brakes

Our patented X / Y axis brakes lock single moving-directions on demand.
By this, the assembly of Fine-Pitch components or the dispensing of lines and dots in one direction is made easy.

Z-axis brake

The Z-axis magnetic brake makes it possible to lock components very close to the circuit board surface. Thus Fine-Pitch components and custom parts can be easily handled, as an exact alignment between the component and the board surface is possible.

A camera or a microscope is additionally available to further enhance this alignment process.

Custom solutions

If you need a customized solution for your company, or you have different needs for a project, just contact us.

We have production and development consolidated at one location and are developing custom projects based on our standard products regularly.

Chances are good, that your special project has been realized before!

Component flipping

is always a problem with manual systems – see Flip tray video below

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