Yamaha appointment

Blundell appointed exclusive UK Distributor for Yamaha

Since Yamaha IM (Intelligent Machinery) division was founded in 1984, Yamaha has become a global leader in supplying complete smd printing, placing and inspection solutions, with over 40,000 machines sold worldwide.

The acquisition of Tenryu Technics by Yamaha Motor Group in 2000 resulted in the appointment of Blundell Production Equipment as the exclusive UK distributor for the newly created company – i-Pulse, the new company then developed the M series mounters.

Since that appointment in 2001, Blundell have installed over 250 iPulse machines in the UK making iPulse one of the most popular placement machines in the UK with installations in many different sectors. Many of our Yamaha i-Pulse customers have grown with us and have become users of multiple lines of i-Pulse systems. We would like to thank them for their loyalty to both Blundell and the Yamaha i-Pulse brand.

In 2019 Yamaha chose Blundell Production Equipment as their partner in the UK with exclusive rights to sell the entire Yamaha range of electronics production equipment. We now have set-up a dedicated Yamaha demonstration facility in-house with the following equipment:

  • Yamaha YCP10 High-end compact stencil printer
  • Yamaha YSM20R High efficiency modular mounter
  • Yamaha i-Pulse S20 Hybrid SMT mounter
  • Yamaha YSi V 3D AOI High end AOI system
  • Yamaha offline software demonstration facility covering the above

Our new demonstration facility allows us to demonstrate not only the Yamaha equipment, but also the connectivity capabilities available and the benefits of a total line solution from Yamaha. The demonstration facility also allows us to carry out pre-delivery and ongoing training when required.

Existing Yamaha i-Pulse users, and users of older Yamaha systems are welcome to visit our showrooms where we can demonstrate the benefits of the latest range of Yamaha SMT equipment.

Recent Yamaha orders include: PSU Design, Signet-AC and Prima Electronic Services.