TWS Quadra DVC evo

The new vision camera of the TWS QUADRA DVC EVO ensures accurate placement of components down to 0402 with an option for 0201 and 0.5mm pitch QFP’s.

The Quadra DVC range has always been one of the most economical and cost effective surface mount placement machines available, and it is because of this that it remains a very popular piece of equipment.

The latest version of this well-established product uses Linux software, which is Windows compatible and now capable to place 0201 and 0.5mm pitch devices at a quoted rate of 4500-cph.  (Expected rate 3500)


Please view the data sheet to find more details on the Quadra dvc

PDF Data sheet:- TWS Quadra DVC evo


Machine enquiry

  • Please note that we can only deal with enquiries for equipment installed for use within the UK.


Low Cost Feeders and Optional Dispensing

Feeder banks hold up to 8 x 8mm tapes or sticks. Up to 15 feeder banks can be located all around the machine.

Because the feeders are supplied in blocks they are much lower in cost than on any other competitive machines.

New Linex Windows Compatible Software

The Quadra DVC evo uses Linux windows compatible software which is known for its reliability and is dedicated to machine operation.

Programs can be backed up onto a memory stick or to the user s network via a USB connection

New features’ synopsis:

  • USB support. User data (and software) can be easily and quickly saved or loaded using cheap USB Flash Memory sticks or other mass storage devices.
  • An innovative Dynamic Vision Centering (DVC) replaces the Laser centering apparatus with a double telecentric bi-dimensional video camera system offering increased accuracy and control of the position of even the smaller components.
  • Off-line camera with improved lens system and vision algorithms to centre larger components, BGAs and very fine-pitch ICs.

Other Features

  • The simple mechanical design gives features of a long and reliable life span. The new placement head ensures high durability.
  • All parts of the machine are easy to access and maintain. Maintenance can be carried out by the operator, who can call our assistance if needed.
  • Spare parts are low in cost and always available from stock with a fast turnaround.
  • The machine comes with a detailed user manual and maintenance guide, and with a practical guide for assembly that includes all stages of production, such as SMD component analysis, solder paste, adhesives, screen printing, soldering, board inspection and verification, repairing and cleaning.
  • Quick feeder changeover: the feeders can handle various tapes or stick sizes.
  • The feeders can be prepared off-line in order to reduce downtime for program changeovers.
  • High numbers of feeders: The unit can handle all the main types of components and accommodates up to 120 feeders in total, in tape from 8 mm to 44 mm width with 7’’, 13” or 15’’ reel diameter.
  • A catalogue is available for stick components. IC lanes for components not listed in the catalogue may be prepared in a short time.
  • Smart feeders: With its feeder database the Quadra DVC provides fast set-up. There is no need to re-enter the feeder data, since a new electronic system automatically detects feeders mounted on the machine, loading data of the components already present in that feeder. It doesn’t matter if you change position of the feeder: machine will recognize it. Each time a component is picked-up, its quantity is decremented.
  • After the feeder data has been recorded for the first time, every subsequent time a group of feeder banks is changed, you can run the function that automatically detects the feeders and their positions on the machine
  • Programming can be performed by several ways as teaching through camera, data loading via CAD file, data entry directly via keyboard.
  • Automatic fiducial recognition: At the beginning of every assembly cycle, the camera automatically moves to the memorised reference points, searches for their exact position and adjusts the placement positions, for better precision.
  • Dispensing of adhesives and solder paste: The optional dispenser enables easy and fast dispensing of adhesive, solder paste and encapsulants. The dispenser is simple to set up and achieves about 4000 dots per hour.