SR-2700 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer

The TWS SR2700 is an air assisted stencil printer with the essential operations of squeegee pressure, front to back squeegee movement, stencil height and parallel table drop performed accurately and automatically, being fully programmable via touch screen display.

It also has an option for built in vacuum system to hold the PCB firmly in place whilst the printing takes place.

The snap-off speed is adjustable ensuring smooth operation, and the PCB support table drops down to avoid paste smudge.



Machine enquiry

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  • 422 x 422 mm maximum print area  (16.6″ x 16.6″)
  • up to  580mm x 580mm frame size  ( 23″ x 23″)
  • Manual X, Y and theta table adjustment via camera assisted alignment
  • Magnetic work table with board supports and rails rails
  • Screen assembly held down with switchable magnetic clamp
  • Squeegee arm release for easy cleaning and squeegee removal
  • Fully mobile twin alignment camera arms
  • Pneumatic print pressure

All other features are controlled via a full colour touch screen monitor

  • Nine individual programs
  • Table height adjustment
  • Start and print length
  • speed control of squeegee  – front to back
  • Board thickness setting
  • Split screen twin camera assisted alignment (switchable to double size single screen)
  • Double squeegee head with pneumatic print pressure


  • Metal squeegees as standard
  • Overall footprint dimensions 900 x 900 x 500mm
  • Weight: 170 Kg
  • Set of Accessories included
  • Compressed air supply at 4 to 5 bar
  • 13amp Mains supply


  • Vacuum table
  • Spare metal squeegee blade 150mm long
  • Spare metal squeegee blade 250mm long
  • Spare metal squeegee blade 350mm long