SMT Starter Kit (screen print; placement; reflow)

SMT Manual assembly Starter set-up with options


Machine enquiry

  • Please note that we can only deal with enquiries for equipment installed for use within the UK.


Manual / Semi-auto SMT Range

At BPE we offer a wide range of manual/semi-automatic SMT equipment ideal for small batch or prototype builds where fully automated equipment isn’t viable for the user. All of the equipment within this range is manufactured within the EU to an industrial quality.

SR2000 Printer

supplied with magnetic tooling, underside support, tooling pins and 150mm metal squeegee. Maximum print / PCB area/size: 295x340mm X, Y and Theta adjustment

LM900-145 Placement system

Comprising of auto vacuum pickup, 360° component rotation, arm rest and 45-bin manually indexed carousel.

TWS850 Convection Batch Oven

For PCBs 330x240mm. Touch screen controller with preheat and reflow zones. Also includes Hot Bake feature. Standalone fume extraction available.

Options for above

Placement Camera

(can be retrofit) for LM900/1

ideal if placing 0402 or 0201

Vapour Phase IBL Minilab

  • Table model top loader
  • Window to observe the soldering process
  • Suitable for BGA’s, DFN’s, QFN’s – Oxygen Free Soldering
  • Homogeneous temperature transfer across the complete assembly
  • No overheating of components
  • 100% safe – Solder automatic feature

Alternative Options

Two models of Frameless Solder paste Printers for mounting foils


  • Max. PCB: 180 x 240mm
  • Max. Stencil: 185 x 275mm


  • Max PCB: 260 x 360 mm
  • Max. stencil: 275 x 375 mm
  • Parallel separation

Fritsch LM901 Placement System

  • Solder paste dispense head in addition to placement head
  • X,Y and Z locking (brake) options
  • Fine pitch alignment option
  • Motorised carousel option

Fritsch SM902/MP904 Placement System

  • PC Guidance for pick and place functions
  • Solder paste dispense head in addition to placement head
  • X,Y and Z locking (brake) options
  • Split prism Fine pitch alignment option
  • Motorised carousel option

Full 1080HD Inspection Aid

  • Auto focus
  • Manual focus
  • Image capture direct to USB stick (no PC required)
  • Magnification level OSD

Typical applications

General Inspection

Solder paste