Humidity Control Cabinets

The drying & Storage of Moisture Sensitive Devices is getting more and more important.

Removing and or preventing moisture in components ensures stability during the reflow process.

Constant & Accurate Control down to 1% Rh from Ambient.

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Patented Desiccant Drying System

Offering down to 1% Relative Humidity storage, ultra-fast de-humidification rate, is the ultimate cabinet for keeping your sensitive products in perfect condition.

Compliance with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 Industry Standard requirements. Compliance with UL/CE.

The X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets are suitable for almost all de-humidification applications.

This is the best looking and most controllable low humidity dry storage cabinet available anywhere.


  • Ext. (WxHxD) 1200 x 1988 x 750mm
  • Int. (WxHxD) 1180x1650x610mm
  • Volume:- 1250 litre  (300; 450; 600 and 900 litre cabinets are also avialable)
  • 22mm Insulating Thermal Glass
  • 220vac 10-16amp Average 50watt/hr
  • Humidity – Settable 1-20% Rh
  • Temperature – Settable ambient-40°C – XTC-S2   60°C – XTC-S3
  • Touch screen, back-lit LCD control Panel
  • Adjustable alarm status options
  • Standard Model XTC-S2 – slow bake up to 40°C
  • Standard Model XTC-S3 – Slow bake up to 60°C
  • PIR sensor so all features illuminate only when an operator is in front of the cabinet
  • Other options are available by adding chillers and humidifiers.