Flash-off Station for CF395-IL

  • Inspection station specially designed for pcb´s inspection after coating process.
  • black and white light for automatic inspection. Automatic switching.
  • security glass in cover.
  • two ways of work: inspection and flush off (evaporation of solvents and bubbles reduction before the ir oven)
  • inspection mode: automatically stop each plate in the central area for inspection with black light. When this is correct. Operator can press button and continue to the oven.
  • flush off mode or evaporation: we will create a buffer where the pcb´s will enter after the coating machine. The distance between pcb´s and the displacement speed are configurable by screen
  • robust construction to avoid unwanted movements and vibrations.
  • touch screen allows to control the work modes and see the status in
  • Real time of the entire system. All configurations are performed by software.
  • totally smema compatible.
  • motor traction system step by stepper motorswith steel chain.
  • interior made with stainless steel and aluminum for easy cleaning and good protection against solvents and aggressive liquids


Machine enquiry

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