CF440 benchtop batch production system


Machine enquiry

  • Please note that we can only deal with enquiries for equipment installed for use within the UK.



  • ball screwdriven by servo motors
  • x, y speed: 0 a 900 mm/sg
  • z speed: 0 a 900 mm/sg
  • positional accuracy: 0.005 mm
  • positional precision: 0.01 mm


Working area:

  • standard 500x500x100 mm (with purge and park cups 500×465 mm)
  • with teaching camera the programming area is reduced depending on the valve configuration (ask about final area)


Pcb´s suport:

  • adjustable fixture for boards
  • component clearance up to 60 mm (below and above). If auto drawer installed belowclearance less than 50 mm



  • laptop pc (windows 10 included)



  • coatcontrol pro 2.0 ® incluided
  • pathcoat ® offline optional


Accessories included:

  • automatic park and purge system
  • automatic control of valve parameters
  • 5th-axis tilt in needle or microspray valve
  • three-colours and buzzer light tower
  • 5 liters stainless steel pressure tank with low level sensor
  • 6 oz-cartridgewith low level sensor
  • syringes adaptor 30 and 55 cc


Valves configuration

  • 2 or 3 valves: precision spray, microspray, needle, rotary etc.
  • a full range of valves is available to cover all dispensing and coating demands. Coatings, gaskets, fillings, and other kind of processes are also possible.


Power supply

  • 110/230v 1 fuse. 10a max



  • emergency button
  • security interlocks in door
  • exhaust pump sensor
  • spray sensor control
  • CE certification