A new professional aqueous PCB cleaning machine has joined the range of cleaning systems offered by Blundell Production Equipment. The Cepter 170 Ultra is a floor standing closed loop cleaning system with built in conductivity monitoring, heat rinsing and drying. Two stainless steel trays are enclosed in the wash chamber, which can be adapted to a single tray in order to accommodate large boards of up to 510 x 610 mm.

 The machine has clean and attractive lines and an elegant touch screen display with a simple to use menu. A typical wash and dry cycle takes 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the application. Water usage is approximately 6 litres per rinse, which can be heated up to 50⁰C. The cleaning medium is preheated in a 25 Litre loop tank to the required working temperature (up to 60⁰C max) prior to entering the wash chamber, which saves time on the actual cleaning process. An automatic top up feature will ensure the cleaning medium tank is kept at the correct level.

 Conductivity of the rinse water and the de-ionised cartridge are monitored during the cleaning cycle. A USB port is provided for printer connection where a detailed report of the process can be output. The machine also incorporates an automatic door lock and a status indication light tower. This new system offers excellent valve for money, and will quickly establish it’s self in the UK market. Special promotional pricing is currently available to coincide with the UK launch. Kyzen BVBA and their UK distributor Temple 4 Ltd are offering a free of charge first time fill with their cleaning chemistry.

 A demonstration machine is being installed in our Coventry demonstration room and cleaning trials are welcomed.