Z-SMT Starter Kit (screen print; placement; reflow)

SMT Starter Kit (screen print; placement; reflow)

SMT Manual assembly Starter set-up with options

Manual Screen Printing:- SR2000

Manual Placement:- LM900

Batch Reflow:- TWS850


  • Manual Screen Print
  • Manual or Semi-automatic Pick and Place
  • Optional Camera assist
  • Optional component handing
  • Optional glue or paste dispensing

  • Optional placement s/w
  • Optional Component alignment
  • Hand soldering and de-soldering
  • Fume extraction
  • Batch reflow oven

Manual Screen Print – TWS SR2000 o

Manual Pick and Place – Fritsch LM900 or LM901 or SM902

Hand soldering & de-soldering – Ersa i-Con2-AC and /or i-Con2-AXT

Fume extraction – Purex/Blundell FumeCube Lite single / twin or Tip Extraction

Batch reflow oven – TWS-850