SD360U Large Copy

SD-360U Screen printer with drape table effect

Small footprint compact solder paste printer for use with loose foils fitted direct to the printer, no need to have foils mounted to expensive aluminium frames.

Ideal for short run, prototyping or where you simply have a multitude of different screening requirements assembly with the added feature of a simulated drape table.

See also  –   TWS SR2000;  SD-240

Semi-Automatic; TWS SR2700

SD-360U Foil Stencil Printer

Manually operated stencil printer

Equipped with a PCB table holding a unique up and down lift system to replicate a parallel drape table effect.

  • Stencils do not need mounting holes
  • Fixing a stencil is fast and easy, no heating of the stencil is required
  • Positioning of PCB’s is simple with the use of magnetic placeholders
  • The stencil printer can be used for single as well as double sided PCB’s even if there are already components on one side
  • Accurate X, Y and Rotation alignment of the PCB table

Technical information:

  • Dimensions: 510 x 610 x 140 mm
  • Max PCB: 260 x 360 mm
  • Max. stencil: 275 x 375 mm
  • Weight: 17 kg