TWS Auto Batch Screen Printing

TWS-SR3200 Auto-screen printing

The SR3200 is a second generation model of screen printers manufactured by TWS Automation.

  • Fully automatic batch operation.
  • Two independent, self leveling
  • Pressure and motion controlled squeegees
  • LINUX based operating system.
  • Motorised snap-off with programmable speed.

For Semi-Automatic – TWS SR2700

For Low cost high flexibility fully automated:– HIT520


A new user-friendly LINUX based control software, totally virus free, combined with a high resolution vision system enables the operator to reduce set-up time and gives high precision and repeatability in the printing process.

Simple to both set-up and use with all the alignment steps between board and frame being totally automatic. An added advantage is that the user can check the operation through an on-board LCD screen.

A batch printer which can be manually fed or can be equipped with a loader/unloader, in-line to feed in and feed out boards.

Motorised snap-off and a very large printing area offers great flexibility for the production facility.

A solid and compact chassis  provides a small footprint and very stable platform.

Machine is equipped with 250 mm squeegees as standard but others are available.