Reflow Soldering & Reflow Ovens

Our team at Blundell offer a comprehensive range of reflow soldering equipment, including reflow oven & vapour phase soldering machinery. The solder reflow oven equipment supplied by Blundell has been developed and improved to meet customer needs over many years making our reflow ovens suitable for a variety of applications.

Suppliers T.W.S. & Iemme provide a mid-range selection of convection tunnel ovens, and Ersa offer a high-end convection reflow machine range with many unique options. IBL is our vapour phase supplier, providing machines that range from simple prototyping batch to integrated in-line vacuum systems with the patented Soft VP options.

Batch reflow oven and benchtop reflow oven options are also available, along with smt reflow oven equipment.

Click either of the links below which will direct you to Blundell’s dedicated reflow soldering oven section: click here for Convection Reflow or Vapour Phase

To talk to us about any aspect of reflow soldering and for more information on our reflow ovens please contact us for more details.