TruView X-Ray Parts Counter

Contactless parts counter that is extremely quick, effective and mobile.

Touch screen operation with thermal scanner and printer.

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Creative Electron didn’t make the first contactless parts counter. They were not the first to use x-rays to image the whole reel and use software to count components. Were not the only ones who figured out how important counting components is for your inventory control. And how important inventory control is to your business.


The Fast and Accurate Parts Counter

What they did do is to spend a lot of time designing a contactless parts counter you don’t have to bolt to the floor. A machine that can be easily moved around your facility (it has casters!). A parts counter that runs on batteries so you can use when the lights go out. A TruView™ Parts Counter that counts parts accurately.

After all, this machine was designed by the same perfection obsessed scientists who designed the other TruView™ products to be the best x-ray machines in their class. They’re so obsessed that all manufacturing happens in California so they can keep an eye on every detail of every product they ship.