Vac 665 Vacuum

IBL Löttechnik, one of the leading suppliers of Vapour Phase Solder Reflow machines, in co-operation with the German Fraunhofer Institute, have designed a machine which combines the advantages of Vapour Phase with the characteristics of a vacuum process. The result is a patented extremely unique machine, the IBL Vac665.


Machine enquiry

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  • Reduction of voids, for even large area soldering.
  • Evacuation of the modules whilst in the Vapour Phase.
  • During the evacuation (vacuum process) temperature will be over liquidous at all times.
  • Maximum process window at min. temperature. (Lead-free solder max. Temp. 240°C.)

The vacuum chamber closes around the module as the soldering is taking place.

Evacuation of the vacuum chamber.

Combining the vacuum process with Solder Reflow in one chamber improves the heat transfer.

This will increase the reliability of small components (Eg. BG’s) and semi-conductors (Power Electronics).