TruView™ X-Ray Parts Counter

TruView™ X-Ray Parts Counter

Fast, effective parts counter.

Touch screen operation with thermal scanner and printer.

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Creative Electron didn’t make the first contactless parts counter. They were not the first to use x-rays to image the whole reel and use software to count components. Were not the only ones who figured out how important counting components is for your inventory control. And how important inventory control is to your business.

What they did do is to spend a lot of time designing a contactless parts counter you don’t have to bolt to the floor. A machine that can be easily moved around your facility (it has casters!). A parts counter that runs on batteries so you can use when the lights go out. A TruView™ Parts Counter that counts parts accurately.



  • Maximum Reel Size:        16″
  • Accuracy:                       Better than 99%
  • X-ray Source:                  80kV
  • Reel Manipulation:          Easy Drawer to Load/Unload Reels
  • System Dimensions          (LxWxH):      24”x 24”x 44”
  • User Interface:                Touchscreen + Bar Code Scanner + Printer
  • Included Software:          Dedicated TruView Parts Counter SW with custom algorithms developed by Creative Electron
  • Included Computer:         PC with Windows OS, fully networkable
  • Safety:                           FDA compliant and CE certified. Cabinet fully shielded with multiple interlocks, keyed start switch, and                                      emergency stop switch. Certified to operate worldwide.