Floor Standing PCB Cleaning

System 2000 Aqueous PCB cleaning machine

A floor standing machine for aqueous cleaning and drying of printed circuit boards.

At the end of each cycle a cleanliness report in micro semen’s is printed out on the integral printer.

The rinse cycle can be continued until the required level of cleanliness is reached.

Efficient removal of rosin based, acid based, water soluble, no-clean fluxes, plus solder paste and general contamination, combined with effective and controlled drying cycles makes this a very versatile cost effective machine.

For a large Close loop system see:- Cepter-170

For bench-top version see: System-1000



  • Input of individual cleaning programs via touch panel
  • Built in Deionise water monitoring system
  • Capacity for up to 170 Eurocard PCB s.
  • Max PCB size 438 x 510mm (Top tray removed) or 438 x 260mm (With both trays)

Using only Deionised Water rinse ensures cleaning standards better than MIL Spec  can be achieved.

Waste water quality is monitored and measured in µSiemens giving a very accurate indication of board cleanliness

Microprocessor based program system designed to clean:

  • PCB s
  • Occasional Misprints
  • Stencils
  • Rosin Flux
  • Low Solids Flux
  • Solder Paste

Other features include

  • Waste Water Monitoring reading µS
  • Built-in Dryer – upto 90°C
  • Capacity: 170 Eurocards
  • Max PCB size 405 x 503mm
  • Cleaning Period: approx 1hr
  • Drying Period: approx 1hr
  • Deionised Water Option as standard Mil-Std 2000 Cleaning