Selective Through-hole Rework

Ebso SPA-R

Dynamic Solder Wave Technology:

Allow for fast removal and replacement of large and small connectors, Inductors, transformers etc, with ease and without the risk of damage to the either substrate or device.

The wave characteristics are fully controllable ensuring perfect results every time.

Small nozzles can be changed quickly. Pre-heating of larger nozzles is sometimes essential.



Ebso 300/400NC


  • Display easy to operate
  • Timer-Function
  • Pump and Solder bath made of full Titanium best for lead free alloysspa-r-4
  • On the fly – Wave height regulation
  • Standby-Function to reduce process time
  • Large top space for very large boards
  • Optional Laser-pointer and XY – Table
  • Optional Nitrogen Inert to reduce dross
  • Magnetic PCB-fixtures in different sizes,for free positioning
  • Wide range of standard solder nozzles and customized nozzles
    • Nozzles for 6mm Diameter to 110mm x 75mm possible

Unique ‘Fast Removal’ Pump system

The unique flat pump design with a superb ‘Fast Removal’ system allows maintenance within minutes. Just an easy turn with the supplied tooling spa-r_6gives instant access to the pump and solder bath.

This pump has been introduced from the very successful SPA-300/400 range of selective soldering machines, as such it provides a very stable and controllable wave form.

Coupled with it’s range of bespoke and standard nozzles is the idea rework or low volume selective soldering tool.