RA4500D Temperature Regulator

Digital Temperature Regulator for Maximum Control

This temperature gauge is used to keep the temperature of the ERSA solder baths at a constant level.

The mains supply is provided by a cable with grounded plug.

The solder bath is installed by means of a coupler plug and socket connection.



IR4500D Temperature Regulator

Thermocouples are either:

  • F007 – Standard   (Sold separately)
  • F008 – Long-life   (Sold separately)

The desired (rated) temperature in the solder bath is adjustable by means of a rotary switch.

A temperature probe immersed into the solder is provided to monitor the actual temperature. The front-installed switch allows to select actual value or rated value display.

Supply (Volt) 230
Temperature range (in °C) 50-600
Weight (g) 1,400
Max. Power input 3000
Max. control tolerance (°C) -0,02