Inspex-720 High-Definition Inspection System

The Inspex-HD is quite simply the best digital inspection system available at a very affordable price.

It offers a wide magnification range with superb colour reproduction, contrast and resolution. The large working area and height adjustment also makes it ideal for rework and repair work. An overview mode provides an electronic targeting system for quick and accurate zooming.

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Inspex-HD & Vesa Inspection System

This system connects via an HDMI lead to any HD ready TV or monitor. The Inspex HD Table is a high definition inspection system with auto-focus and electronic zoom that produces incredible image quality and connects to any HD display.

Inspex-HD Table

Inspex-720 HD Table

Images are full colour and crystal clear, standard x4 lens will offer 40x magnification on a 24″ monitor but by the addition of x5 and x10 multiplexable lenses this can be increases dramatically and there is no limit to what size of monitor you use.

Inspex HD 720 Table is ultra lightweight and its compact folding design makes it easily transportable.

It also has built-in adjustable LED illumination to help ensure optimum clarity, especially when viewing highly reflective items.


Inspex-HD Vesa

For those requiring a more static version, then please ask about the Inspex HD Vesa. Using an Inspex HD allows users to sit or stand in a comfortable position which helps to improve posture. More than one person can also view the same object image simultaneously; great for group discussions during training, quality assurance and failure diagnosis.

Inspex HD Vesa3
Inspex HD Vesa
Inspex HD Vesa2
Inspex HD Vesa


Standard Features:

  • Flexible head adjustment for angled imaging
  • Auto focus
  • Focal distance approx 300mm with +/- 50mm auto focus with the standard x4 lens
  • User friendly push-button set-up and operation
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out via arrow keys
  • Cross hair alignment when on normal view with settable zoom-in
  • Direct light adjustment
  • Additional light adjustment in s/w
  • Fixed focus setting in s/w
  • Image freeze


  • x5 and x10 multiplexable lenses
  • Image Capture with interface cable and s/w
  • Remote keypad with additional features; manual focus, image capture button, light/image enhancing
  • X-Y high grade viewing table
  • Oblique viewing table
  • LED Ring light (White)
  • LED Ring light (Black Ultra Violet)

Video of  Table Inspex-HD

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