IBL-Premium CX600 and CX800 in-Line

Vapour Phase reflow is making a big come back ensuring perfect reflow in perfect environmental conditions. Offering high through-put machines with the  lowest process cost.

Data Sheet CX6000

Data sheet CX8000

See full PDF Vapour phase IBL-Presentation-2017

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In-Line Vapour Phase from IBL

The advantages of Vapour phase soldering have led to demands for in-line machine for medium to high volume production.

These fully automated in-line vapour phase machines reproduce the same results as IBL’s stand alone machines but can be integrated into a fully automatic line with SMEMA interface and continuous throughput.


  • Three internal chambers
  • Automatic Air locks
  • SVTC soft vapour temperature control
  • Process viewing
  • Rapid cooling
  • Lowest fluid consumption
  • Automated operation

CX-600 Simulation video