i-Con Vario 4

The i-CON VARIO 4 multi-channel soldering and de-soldering station offers to the professional user four simultaneously usable soldering tools.

In parallel to the new, ergonomically designed 200watt hot air soldering hand tool it s possible for three other soldering tool such as the 150watt  i-Tool, the ideal tool for classical soldering applications, or the newly developed de-soldering tweezers 80watt Chip Tool Vario or the x-Tool for de-soldering.

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For a twin version see also:- Vario-2



The complete Multi-function Station with hot-air, heated tweezers, de-solder and i-Tool options for SMT soldering from 0201 upwards

The compact, ESD static safe supply unit offers the easy and clearly arranged display, which is in the i-CON family of tools a standard feature. As in the larger i-CON VARIO 4, interfaces for the Ersa solder fume extractor unit or the infrared preheating unit are available, also the method to quickly and safely configure the station with a micro-SD memory card.


  • Extra-large multi-functional display
  • Powerful fan for i-TOOL AIR S
  • Powerful vacuum pump with electric pressure control for X-TOOL
  • Simultaneous operation of up to four tools as desired
  • Power pack with power reserves for continuous operation
  • Automatic tool recognition
  • Automatic recognition of up to 6 different tools
  • “One Touch” single button operation with i-OP control
  • Standby function: selectable activation time and temperature
  • Automatic tool switch-off: selectable activation time
  • Process window alarm function

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Combine with other Ersa equipment

  • Automatic activation of a solder fume extraction unit (Ersa EA 55 i, EA 110 plus i) during soldering/desoldering operations via interface cable
  • Activation of  Ersa IRHP 100 heating plate via interface cable
  • Micro SD card slot for storage or transfer of settings
  • USB interface for storage or transfer of settings or for transfer of customer specific data
  • i-SET TOOL for time-saving download of all settings and for easy transfer to further soldering stations
  • Calibration function: to exactly match the actual tip temperature with the temperature shown in the display
  • Adjustable tip offset
  • Adjustable energy functions (control characteristics)
  • Compact housing, anti-static
  • * i-OP = operating button (encoder with integrated key function)

Tool options

De-soldering Through Hole – X-Tool

Hot-Air SMT tool – i-ToolAir-S

Micro-Soldering tool – i-Tool

Micro-Heated Tweezers – Chip-tool Vario

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