• Dual and triple track conveyor increases throughput
  • Optimized heat transfer, minimized Δ T, zone separation & controlled cooling zone temperature
  • Lowest energy and nitrogen consumption
  • Highest machine availability
  • Low-mass center support, return within the system tunnel
  • Residue terminator
  • Intelligent N2 control with 3 measuring points
  • RPM controlled motor per blower


Machine enquiry

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The Ersa HOTFLOW 4/14 is a high-end reflow soldering system with a process length of 4.4 m, divided into 14 heating zones and 3 cooling zones. Like all systems of the HOTFLOW 4 series, it stands for highest energy efficiency and increased throughput with the known high soldering quality and process stability. The completely new, intelligent nitrogen control reduces consumption by 20 %. In addition, the efficient blower motors ensure total energy savings of more than 25 %.

The HOTFLOW 4/14 also scores in terms of productivity to footprint ratio: Thanks to the dual and triple track conveyor options, throughput can be significantly increased without increasing space requirements! Up to three differently adjustable conveyor speeds ensure maximum flexibility in production. The proven pin-and-chain conveyor with automatically steplessly adjustable center support transports even demanding products safely through the system. With the patented Grip conveyor it is also possible to process flexible printed boards.

A further highlight of the HOTFLOW 4 is the optionally available residue terminator for thermal process gas cleaning.

Basic configuration

  • 5 top and bottom side preheating zones 2 top and bottom side peak zones
  • Cooling step 1: basic cooling from top and bottom
  • Adjustable blower speed in soldering and cooling zones
  • Outfeed cooling
  • Temperature monitoring of the cooling zone
  • Bottom-side motor cooling
  • Energy consumption management
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • 100% tested process tunnel (gas sealed)
  • Heating modules retractable without any tools

The hot process gases are extracted directly from the upper and lower peak zones, heated to the required cleaning temperature and then returned into the peak zone. This makes the cleaning process energy neutral.

The intuitive Ersa machine control enables easy handling including storage and exchange of temperature profiles and product data. With the AUTOPROFILER, the user can even create new temperature profiles offline and then use them immediately in production. Of course, a process data logger and traceability connection including PCB assignment are also available.