Extra Eye – AOI & FAI

Auto-Optical Inspection (AOI)

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Now Two Systems in One

lowest cost camera based system available that does not require a dedicated technician to program or operate.

Auto inspection achieved within minutes from receipt of basic information, not hours.

Automatically generates a full report.

For HD Inspection with measurement see also:- Omni

For General HD Inspection see:- Inspex



Extra-Eye-inspected images

Two Systems in One

Common Features:

  • Camera Based system
  • Fiducial Correction
  • Does not require a dedicated Technician to program or operate
  • Professional report generation for full tracability
  • SPC output to Excel
  • Self teach coordinates if no XY data is available
  • Multi-panel with scrap circuit option

FAI: (First Article Inspection)

  • Designed to aid True First Article Inspection
  • Proven to improve efficiency by up to 70% when compared to traditional methods of manual Inspection
  • Brings together the line item from the BOM, image of placed part and drawing reference in a single screen shot

AOI: (Automatic Optical Inspection)

  • Verifies Part Number stored Library Images against actual fitted parts: 30 seconds for 1500 components
  • Checks for presence, polarity, value, billboard, tombstone, skewed placement
  • Choice of algorithm with sensitivity adjustment; OCR or Colour


Model X-3000 X-4000
Model X x-4000
Max PCB size: 380 x 450 (mm) 500×540 (mm)
Max component height: 50 (mm) 50 (mm)
Image resolution: 1100 DPI 1100 DPI
Dimensions: 680x575x380 (mm) 770x730x380 (mm)
Weight:X-Y Axis camera system 24 (kg)240VAC 32 (kg)Window 7+


ExtraEye Typical Screen shot
ExtraEye Typical Screen shot