Ersascope-1 Plus Inspection System


The Award Winning & Patented Original Ersascope

ERSASCOPE 1 – Value Added Features:

  • USB 2.0 WVGA Digital Camera High Resolution
  • 90° BGA Optical Lens (≤ 300 µm) Halogen Light Source
  • Long life bulb. light Management with flexible arm
  • ImageDoc Basic Software with Large Database of Problems & Solutions

Optional accessories

  • Fiber optic light brush & fan
  • Mechanical iris adapter
  • Flexible & ESD safe stand and table allows for a total of 7 axes of movement of optics and pcb
  • “Plug & Play” set up

Convince yourself of the significant advantages of the ERSASCOPE Inspection technology…..

See Video of both the Ersascope and Omni inspection systems