Ersa I-Con Nano Single Solder Station

Ersa Icon Nano Single Solder Station

The latest model of the I-Con product family, the     i-CON nano, satisfies all needs of today’s industrial manufacturing requirements combined with lowest space requirement (footprint only 145 x 80 mm). It is predestined for the continuous operation in the electronic production as well as for special applications in laboratories and development. Furthermore, it is also fully antistatic according to MIL-SPEC/ESA standards.

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i-Con Nano

Part Code:- IC1200A

Due to the i-Con nano’s simple and user-friendly operating concept, the factory settings provide for a variable adjustment of operating temperature as well as setting of stand-by time and calibration value.

Using the free-of-charge PC software and by an optional micro smart SD card further setting options like fixed temperatures, energy level, interlock and shutdown functions are available.

The technological master plan of the i-CON nano assures that the optimal parameters are used for each application. Hereby the i-CON nano stands for highest process stability and quality control with regard to low investment costs and operation expenses. Automatic stand-by and auto sleep functions provide for energy savings and longer tip life.

The i-Con nano comes fully equipped with the i-Tool nano soldering iron. This ultra light and powerful iron uses exactly the same heating element technology as his larger brother, the ERSA i-Tool. A wide range of cost-effective soldering tips are

available. Designed for continuous use in professional industrial companies, the new ERSA i-CON nano also offers smaller companies a more budget-oriented solution for top-quality hand soldering applications.


  • Small footprint (145 x 80 mm) – saves valuable workbench space
  • Fully antistatic according to MIL-SPEC/ESA standards
  • Three fixed temperature settings or continuous from 150 up to 450 °C
  • Three selectable energy levels
  • Ultra light and ergonomically designed i-Tool nano with max. 80 W of power
  • Large spectrum of low-cost & long-life replaceable tips
  • Automatic stand-by function and non-operative mode saves energy & tip life
  • Password lockout function for increased process control
  • Calibration function for exact tip temperatures
  • Complete system parameterisation via simple PC software and micro SD card


Power rating: max. 80 W
Supply: 230 V
Secondary voltage: 16.5 V
Temperature range: 150 – 450 °C
Heating time 9 s
Soldering tip design: long-life tip
Antistatic design (yes/no) yes
Digital display (yes/no) yes
Weight approx. 2,000 g
Replacement heating element (order no.): 010102J