I-Con Twin Solder Station x2 i-Tools

I-Con Twin Solder Station with two i-Tools

The i-Con-2 offers all the value- added features of the revolutionary i-CON in a twin iron digital station with multiple soldering and or de-soldering tools for maximum flexibility. Three basic versions of this new double station are offered standard and differ only in the tool packs. see IC2200 showing all tool options

Just a sample of tips are shown here

0.1mm pencil to 20mm chisel are available

Click here to see complete range of  i-Tool tips

PDF:-  i-Tool Standard tips  PDF:-  i-Tool Special tips


Soldering Station i-CON 2

Part Code IC2200-VIT

Innovative solution for intelligent hand soldering

With the i-C0n, ERSA has developed a soldering station that is able to comply with the increased working temperatures and the decreasing size of the process window of lead free soldering processes. The extremely small, light, ergonomic and powerful soldering iron i-Tool contributes significantly to improved quality and to a tremendous decrease of operating costs.

Combining in all cases the 150Watt i-Tool with either another -i-Tool, X-Tool de-soldering or Heated Tweezers

The station consists of an electronic station with power cord, two soldering irons i-Tool with an ERSADUR long-life 1.6 mm chisels soldering tip and two holders.

Technical Data

  • Power rating 150 watt –  Supply 230 volt
  • Secondary voltage 24 volt
  • Temperature range 150 – 450°C
  • Preheating time 9 seconds
  • Vast Rage of long life Soldering Tips
  • Digital display
  • Temperature setting
  • Calibration
  • Power setting
  • Stand-by
  • Sleep
  • Tip Off-set
  • Alarm settings
  • Plug-in Replacement heating element (order-no.): 10102J



Other Twin Station Options

  • Any i-Con twin station can plug in the i-tool and any one of the following:-
    • Heated Tweezers for dual in line and quad devices
    • X-Tool through-hole de-solderer
  • 2 x i-Tool (150watt each)
  • i-Tool and Chip Tool for SMD removal (2 x 20watt) also Chip-tool Vario.
  • i-Tool and X-Tool for Through Hole De-soldering, in-line or pistol grip