I-Con Single Solder Station

Ersa Icon IC1100-A Single Solder Station

This Station is the lowest cost unit of its type world wide.

The 150 watt iron allows instant heat recovery with minimal overshoot ensuring that you no longer have to run at over elevated temperatures to compensate for slow recovery.  The i-Tool will see a 2°C temperature drop and immediately power the element to return the tip to your set temperature.

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Just a few tip options are shown here

0.1mm pencil to 20mm chisel tips are available

Click here to see the complete range of tips

PDF:-  i-Tool Standard tips

PDF:-  i-Tool Special tips]


Part Code:- IC1100A

Innovative solution for intelligent hand soldering.

Ersa has succeeded in designing one of the smallest, lightest and most powerful soldering irons in the world – the i-Tool.

The true value added for our customers lies not only in the fact that it will increase both the hand soldering quality and productivity, but also that it can realize a tremendous reduction in operational costs associated with manual soldering.

New technology allows for a similar performance as compared to the soldering irons with expensive heating cartridge tips, but offers as standard a low-cost, long-life exchangeable tip.

Stand-by mode can be set down as low as 20 second (settable 20 second to 60 minutes immobile to off) and is reactivated by motion sensor.

The i-CON advanced digital power supply offers ERSA´s new “One Touch” easy-to-use operation with the new i-Op Control, as well numerous value added functions. All elements of the solder station are controllable via an easy to use menu.

Technical Data

  • Power rating (Watt) 150 –  Supply (Volt) 230
  • Secondary voltage (Volt) 24
  • Temperature range (in °C) 150 – 450
  • Preheating time (in seconds) 9
  • Vast Rage of long life Soldering Tips
  • Digital display
  • Temperature setting
  • Calibration
  • Power setting
  • Stand-by and Sleep modes
  • Tip Off-set
  • Alarm settings
  • Twin Station Options (Part numbers will change from time to time)

    • 2 x i-Tool (2 x 150watt) Part Code: IC2000AIT
    • i-Tool and Chip Tool for SMD removal (2 x 20watt) Part Code: IC2000AC
    • i-Tool and X-Tool for Through Hole De-soldering (1 x 150watt – 2 x 60watt) Part Code: IC2000AXT

    Tools are automatically detected when plugged into the station and a predetermined program is started.