Ersa Ecoselect-2 Selective

Ersa Ecoselect-2 Selective Solder

As the world’s technology leader in selective soldering systems ERSA supplement their successful VERSAFLOW series with the compact ECOSELECT 2.

This system is ideally suited for operation in modular production lines, and it is the optimal solution for small and medium scale production where flexibility is paramount.

PDF Catalogue:-Ecoselect-2-Catalogue

For higher through-put see also  Versaflow

For low to medium batch production see SmartFlow

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Ersa Ecoselect-2

Like all ERSA selective soldering systems, the ECOSELECT 2 is equipped with a programmable high-precision fluxer for single dot or line flux application. An integrated spray control monitors the flux jet’s position. Due to the extremely accurate flux application, flux consumption is kept to an absolute minimum, and because of the virtual absence of overspray, very clean assemblies are ensured.

Short-wave, bottom-side IR emitters allow for short preheating processes. The heating cassette segments can be activated subject to the product. By means of the optional top-side convection preheater, a homogenous warm-up of even complex assemblies is achieved.

Heart and soul of the ECOSELECT 2 is the soldering process itself. The “Peel off” effect which has been developed by ERSA allows for 0° soldering without bridge formation and guarantees lowest DPM rates. The solder pot requires very little maintenance, and it is free of parts that need to be considered consumables. Innovative monitoring systems ensure reproducibility of your production parameters and thus top-quality solder joints. Excenter solder pots allow for the processing of two solder alloys.

—–Ecoselect-inside-1 copy  Ecoselect-inside-2 copyThe intelligent and clearly structured software allows for easy and effective machine programming, and it records all relevant production parameters. One highlight is the graphical programming via the optional CAD Assistant 2 software. It ensures very quick and easy off-line programming, while the machine continues running in production. Alternatively, the machine can be programmed via DXF files or scanned PCBs. Unauthorized machine operation is prevented by the user administration feature.

The new ECOSELECT 2 in- and off-line cell concept offers the best price/performance ratio and little space requirement for high-quality selective soldering, and it is a perfect and flexible solution for both first-time-users and manufacturers with small to medium series production.

Selectively soldering a multi-pinned radial connector.

Ersa CAD assistant 3D Video