Digital Single Solder Station

Ersa DIG20A-84 Digital Single Solder Station

Is an intelligent but simple microprocessor controlled soldering station. It is a robust, closed loop, 80-watt unit with a vast array of tips for all situations.

It’s multi-functionality combined with a vast rang of 832 & 842 tips is another highlight of the station.

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Just a small selection of tips are shown here

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Part Code:- DIG20A-84

is a microprocessor controlled soldering station. Outstanding flexibility and multi-functionality sets this system apart from others. The ERSA DIGITAL 2000 A is fully antistatic.

Apart from multi-functionality, simple and comfortable operation is another highlight of the station.

Further features are: set value adjust-ment, the possibility to select °C or °F on the temperature unit, selection of a stand-by period between 0 – 60 minutes, offset and calibrating function, as well as the possibility to block any adjustments by a 3-digit pass word. The station’s heating system can be adjusted to the corresponding application with the help of the integrated “Energy Function”. To increase user-friendliness, the soldering station also includes 4 programs. Each program can be configurated independently and differently with the above mentioned functions.

Each soldering iron has its own program, and when the tools are changed, the soldering station automatically switches to the corresponding program.

The extremely powerful and fully antistatic ERSA Power tool soldering iron, with its impressive heat up rating of 290 W, guarantees reproducible soldering results regardless of the thermal mass. The extremely large range of long-lasting ERSADUR soldering tips series 832 and 842 open up new perspectives in soldering.

The soldering station DIG20A84 consists of electronic station DIG203A with mains cable 3K120KR053075, soldering iron ERSA Power tool with long-life tip 842CD and tool holder A42.