Ultimate Dip & Print Stencil System

Dip and Print Stencil System

Defined application of flux and solder paste during rework.

Using a component-specific print stencil the pins of QFNs / MLFs or other SMD components can be printed very easily with a precise solder paste amount.

The ERSA Dip & Print Station enables effective preparation of multiple component body types before rework, such as: BGA;  QFN; µBGA; QFP etc…

Using Micro Stencils, Fluxes or solder pastes can be applied to the landing areas precisely, repeatably and easily.

Optional dip-in stencils allow for easy flux or solder paste dipping. This can be achieved automatically on the HR600 and semi-automatically on the IR/PL/RPC650A and HR550 rework centres.

The component pins are simply dipped into a defined reservoir of flux gel or dipping solder paste.  Link to Ersa’s web page

PDF:- Dip & Print data sheet


In the printing process the component is clamped to the stencil and printed with solder paste on to the underside of the device legs or pads. After flipping the stencil and device back, it is then positioned in the pick docking tray of the rework station, the device clamp removed and component is then placed on to the PCB with the placement unit (PL550A; PL650A; HR600; HR550).

Adequate frame fixtures to attach the stencil frame of the Dip & Print Station to the placement unit are available for every ERSA rework system.

Ordering Information:

  • PR100 Dip & Print Station

    Dip & Print--XL copy
    Dip & Print Components
  • PR100-D001 Dip stencil 40 x 40 mm
  • PR100-D002 Dip stencil 20 x 20 mm
  • PR100-PL550 Frame fixation PL 550
  • PR100-PL650 Frame fixation PL 650
  • PR100-S001 Print stencil BGA 225
  • PR100-S002 Print stencil MLF 32
  • PR100-S003 Print stencil QFN 20
  • PR100-R001 Squeegee 70 x 25 mm,0.3 mm thick