DeltaTherm Infrared Heat Curing Chamber

PVA’s DeltaTherm utilizes infrared panels to efficiently cure adhesives and coatings in a controlled, heated environment. The DeltaTherm features a double-sided configuration and offers custom top and bottom heat profiling in each two foot section. Each infrared coated panel is constructed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The DeltaTherm has many integrated features including:

  • Edge carrying, variable speed pin chain conveyor
  • Rail expansion compensation
  • SMEMA communications interface
  • PLC controller
  • OIT touch panel with display screen
  • Four-inch top and bottom side component clearance
  • Thermocouple process control with independent over temperature protection


Machine enquiry

  • Please note that we can only deal with enquiries for equipment installed for use within the UK.


System Specifications

Power Requirements

208 – 480 VAC, +/-10%, 50/60 Hz, 3Ø

Maximum Panel Temperature

232º C (450º F)

Curing Length

1.2 m / 2.4 m / 3.7 m / 4.8 m

(4 ft / 8 ft / 12 ft / 16 ft)

Independent Heating Zones

Programmable in two foot sections

Conveyor Speed

0.03 m/min to 15.24 m/min

(0.1 ft/min to 50 ft/min) Board /

Pallet Width

50 mm to 500 mm

(1.9 in to 19.6 in)

Component Clearance

100 mm (4 in) top and bottom

Conveyor Height

890 mm to 965 mm from floor

(35 in to 38 in, SMEMA standard)


300 cfm exhaust fan with low level alarm included (cfm varies on oven length)