Ersa Hotflow 3/20 Convection Reflow

Ersa Hotflow 3/20 Convection Reflow Oven

This 10 zone reflow system offers a process length of more than 5 meters – developed for highest throughput.

pdf:- Data sheet Hotflow 3-20         Link to Ersa’s web page

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Ersa HOTFLOW 3/20 Highlights

  • Excellent heat transfer with the most varied board assemblies
  • Rest-oxygen monitoring and control with low N2 consumption
  • Low energy consumption through intelligent energy management
  • Multi-level controlled cooling
  • Multi-level process gas cleaning system
  • “On the fly” maintenance for increased machine availability / up-time
  • Multi-track conveyor system (1-4 tracks)
  • Ersa Process Control (EPC) for continuous process monitoring
  • Ersa Auto Profiler software for quickly generating temperature profiles

10 Zone Reflow Oven has a Process length of over 5 meters

The actual economic efficiency of a machine with respect to profitability can only be determined via a TCO Total Cost of Ownership analysis which due to thermal design of all Ersa’s machines is very low.


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