I am proud to announce that we at Blundell Production Equipment are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year – 2015. It was in March 1980 that I first set sail with our mobile demonstration trailer. I towed the Cropmatic machine around the UK demonstrating the Cropmatic and Vacuclamp machines, which at the time were valuable labour saving devices.

At the time most PCB’s were assembled by hand with through hole leads. The traditional method of lead cutting was by hand using side cutters. PCB’s were typically built on a turnover jig with a foam lined lid that closed over each layer of components to hold them in place so that the leads could be snipped off. This was a very time consuming operation, and our first products the Cropmatic and Vacuclamp solved this problem by shrink wrapping the PCB with a plastic film and then automatically cutting all the leads in one operation taking about 1 minute.

The success of the Cropmatic led us to expand into other areas of PCB assembly, and the rest is history ! 35 year later we are still here with a tremendous product range and great customer service.