Yamaha 2D/3D AOI

High-End Hybrid Automated Optical Inspection System.

The YSi V high end Yamaha 3d AOI system is available with both 2D & optional 3D capability, with either 5 MP camera or as a high-end type with a 12 MP camera.

The 4V vision system enables angular inspection from four directions (45°, 135°, 225°, 315°). The Ysi V utilises 5 different inspection methods – Laser, Shape, Colour, Infrared & Brightness, providing flexible and reliable imaging and inspection results.

The 3D imaging option reliably detects floating components that a 2D inspection system can miss. Detection is also improved where colour tones between board and components are similar or when there is interference between silk-screen and pattern. YSi-V 3D inspection can also detect the slope gradient and direction, and make pass/fail contour judgements.

If you are interested in the Yamaha 3d AOI system, then please use the link below to get more information on the product. Alternatively read on to find out the features and specification of this product.


Yamaha Ysi V


  • 12 Megapixel High Resolution Camera
  • High Speed Image Processing Technology
  • New 3D Inspection Function
    • Checks height and tilt simultaneously
    • 4-Direction Angled Camera (Optional)
  • Employs exclusive image capture technology
  • New Full-HD LCD Touch Panel
  • Programming Navigation